Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm Moving!!

ive been using this site for 4-5 yrs but i think its time for a change. Im moving to It's a site my fren and i started, very photoblog-centric. so mostly pics, big huge ass ones unlike the ones here, so drop by there! will post mostly new photos but will try to repost old ones when im free

Sunday, June 14, 2009

fighter planes n ships n fireworks

was in yokohama 2 weeks ago with chin leong. they had a few events in conjunction with their 125yr anniversary of their port opening. air show, sail boats and fireworks. pics are self explainatory :)

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Cotton Buds V2

tic tac toea cube

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Birthday 2009

My 23rd birthday was a joint celebration with Loke Eng and all of us went to this prison-hospital themed bar/restaurant called Alcatraz-Er in Shibuya. I wasnt quite sure what to expect but it was quite an experience.

The place was decorated nicely, with prison bars everywhere and private rooms were just like prisons. They even attached a metal rod to the bars and all u just have to do was hit the rod on the bars to call the waiters/waitresses. The toilet was unique too(just the guys), there were no lights, everything was glow in the dark. The had hourly shows and it was quite interesting. Of course, being in the country of cos-players, waiters were dressed up as surgeons, waitresses as nurses.
Loke Eng.
Honestly, I thought the food and drinks weren't really that special in terms of taste but they really made up for it in terms of presentation, especially the cocktails.Below is a drink called ひとり遊び,or loosely translated as a person's play thing? the drink basically came with a vibrating dildo and the nurse will ask u to stir your drink with it!
some beef thingy
frozen banana penises. i actually thought it was kinda urm, innovative. the actually froze the banana with the skin. and generally the skin with turn brown. then they'll cut off most of the skin, and that's the head. 
james, gay?
drinks inside baby bottles! further behind, u can see testubes as well. Other drinks were cocktails with fake dentures in it. they even give this pill sorta like thingy and when u put it in, it all goes bubbly, just like how dentures are actually cleaned. their pitcher of beer is filled in urine trays. and got some drink inside a fake head or sth like tht.
kara-age chicken.
the performances were fairly interesting. the second one, the actually took a customer and sorta tortured him. i think the guy was quite freaked out.

me n the nurse with the big ass syringe. she actually tried to stick it into the guy's(above) ass.
all in all, it was quite an interesting experience and certainly one of the more interesting birthdays.